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Campus to Corporate (C2C)

Employers are increasingly concerned about the gap between the core behavioral competencies they require and what their new graduate hires possess.

PCI works directly with both Universities and Corporate Clients to fill this gap. Our Campus to Corporate program helps fast-track new hires through the critical transition from college to the workplace by training participants on the specific social and professional behaviors that employers expect from new graduates.

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Campus to Corporate Modules

Setting a New Standard

  • Workplace Communication

    Participants look at the ways our brains' natural “wiring” impacts our communication preferences, and how they can adapt their approach when dealing with colleagues/ clients whose styles differ from their own.

  • Working on Diverse Teams

    Participants will learn practical tips for how to work on - and contribute to – the range of global and diverse teams they will find themselves a part of.

  • Influencing Skills

    This practical, skills-based module will help participants learn how to influence their colleagues and clients across the range of scenarios they will face in the workplace.

  • Organizational Skills

    This module focuses on self-management; helping participants to scope, plan and manage their workload.

  • Lateral Thinking/Problem Solving

    Participants are presented with business scenarios to help develop skills in confronting challenging problems and decisions thoroughly and systematically.

  • Managing Workplace Conflict

    Participants learn to develop adaptive strategies for dealing with difficult interactions in the workplace, including conflicts involving strong emotions.

  • Internal Networking

    This module focuses on building connections within the workplace for achieving results, seeking advice, and career growth. Participants will learn strategies that they can begin to implement on day one to create a powerful professional network.

  • Business Writing

    This module helps participants communicate their ideas and needs in a manner that both appeals to their reader’s style and is action-oriented.

  • Managing Your Reputation

    This module highlights several tactics that will help participants to create a positive impression of their professionalism and work ethic, establishing the essential foundation for their careers.

  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

    Participants will explore tools, techniques, skills and perceptions to perform their jobs and manage their emotions with confidence and positive results.


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