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Presentation Skills

The ability to present yourself, your message, and your vision effectively is key for emerging leaders. This course is for professionals who wish to establish a comfort level in front of an audience, and to develop the core skills of public speaking.  This is a highly interactive program – participants will have multiple opportunities to present in front of the class and will receive continual feedback from their peers and the instructor.


Professional Communication Skills

This course helps participants improve their communication skills through the use of select communication tools (clients can choose between the MBTI, NBI, PACE, and DISC). Participants identify their communication strengths and weaknesses, and learn to adapt their style to communicate more effectively with bosses, co-workers, direct reports and clients. Participants gain valuable insight to their communication style and practical tips for increasing their ability to communicate successfully with those around them.


Negotiation Skills

This program focuses on the critical skills needed to negotiate business commitments. Whether you are negotiating with an outside vendor or negotiating the delivery date of an internal project with a fellow employee, this program provides the skills necessary to get the best results while building favorable and long-lasting relationships.


Managing Conflict

Conflict Management focuses on ways to effectively approach and deal with conflict.  The goal of this program is to help participants move from conflict to problem solving. Participants learn to develop adaptive strategies for dealing with difficult behaviors in the workplace, including those involving strong emotions.  They will be introduced to various processes and skills to help them more systematically reconcile difficult situations.


Business Writing

Participants will analyze their written communication skills and practice techniques to help minimize miscommunication and unnecessary details.  We will identify potential barriers to effective communication, develop clarity by keeping things simple, and determine the most effective communication medium and presentation style. Participants will learn how to impact others and promote their ideas and needs through clear, concise and effective business writing.

Coaching and Feedback

In order to effectively manage talent, all managers must act as coaches and continuously offer feedback, both positive and constructive.  This skills-based and interactive seminar gives participants the opportunity to create coaching plans for their employees and practice the art of coaching in real time while receiving feedback from peers and the instructors.  Providing targeted coaching and constructively communicating areas that need improvement are difficult skills that often do not come naturally to managers.


Leadership the Shackleton Way

This exciting course re-traces one of the great adventure challenges of all time – Ernest Shackleton expedition to cross the South Pole on foot. Despite experience and meticulous planning, Shackleton and his men found themselves in a fight for their lives. The men of the crew said afterwards that the reason they survived was because of Shackleton's Leadership and Management skills. Many senior leaders today have drawn from Shackleton's core tenets of effective Leadership and apply them to their businesses each day – we think you will too.


Management 101

This class is specifically designed for people making the challenging transition from individual contributor to manager.  The skills needed for a supervisor or manager role are different and will be defined and clarified.  Additionally, strategies for starting off on the right foot from day one will be discussed.  We will help you identify or clarify your management style as well as the professional standards you would like to stand for and model.


Performance Management and Appraisals

The course is geared toward managers who are responsible for managing the performance of others.  Key topics include: establishing clear objectives, monitoring performance, delivering feedback and coaching and conducting an appraisal.

An emphasis is placed on strengthening relationships between managers and staff and providing opportunities to receive feedback. Participants will learn to identify developmental areas and engage in joint goal setting, which focuses on accountability and results.



When do you delegate, to whom, and how often?  These are just some of the questions that can confound a new and experienced manager from time to time.  This course will give participants an opportunity to learn about their individual delegation styles including barriers to effective delegation.  Participants will leave the class with a delegation plan tailored to specific individuals they manage and focused on tangible goals and action steps.


Our Executive Coaching service has one aim - to accelerate the leadership development of your top talent. We utilize a variety of Executive Assessment tools and coaching techniques to help our clients see themselves in a way they cannot otherwise, often resulting in change which has significant impact on their career development.




Our One-on-One Presentation Skills Coaching allows leaders and other clients who prefer individualized attention to dramatically improve their public speaking skills in a short time-frame. This process is an intense one, but the results speak for themselves.




Our Group Coaching initiatives extend the benefits of "executive coaching" to select high-potential employees using a group setting in order to accelerate leadership development. The duration and structure of these initiatives is completely customizable. Generally, the design of the sessions are dynamic - each beginning with a key theme, but participant-directed. We use a variety or learning approaches: short training modules, experiential group activities, case-studies, role-plays, directed readings, journaling, peer coaching and group discussion. In addition to the group sessions, each participant receives two one-on-one coaching sessions and a personalized summary report. We have a variety of Team Development solutions, ranging from 1/2 day to 3 days. Please contact us for more information.




Our Executive Assessment services include a range of tools and services aimed at both assessing talent and potential, and identifying key developmental leadership needs. We have built and run Executive Assessment centers to help predict the readiness and compatibility of high-potentials for senior positions. We hold certifications for a variety of assessment tools, such as ECI (Emotional Intelligence) 360, PDIÕs Profilor 360, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and FIRO-B.


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